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Hardik Kumar Dewan

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"Technology affects every aspect of our lives; if we can create technology, we can change the world."



Why India needs its AJNA? book is based on the ambition of its Author, Hardik Kumar Dewan. The author want India to develop its own Technological Ecosystem and to have its Search Engine, Social Media Platforms, E-Commerce Apps, OTTs, Communication Platforms, etc. The book is divided into two parts.


The first part consists of the basic functionalities, pros and cons regarding the subjected topic. It will also explain the need for India's own AJNA. "AJNA" means the third eye of Lord Shiva. In the same way that Google and other foreign Tech Titans are fetching and using our citizen's Data for multiple monetary and business benefits, they are conclusively keeping an eye on our privacy. India must stop this privacy breach and open its third eye to revolutionary technological development. The second part of this book consists of a fictional story of a teenage boy named Sarthak, who was at a revolutionary front in the technological development of India. It explains how India can develop its Tech Ecosystem.


Hardik’s goal with this book is to bring this issue to the attention of Indian citizens and the Government of India.


The book holds a significant purpose beyond being just a literary work – it encapsulates the author's mission.


Hardik's journey commenced with the inception and development of the Beetle Messaging App. At a mere age of 15, he attained certification as a Python programmer. This was a time when WhatsApp grappled with privacy concerns. Hardik astutely recognised this predicament and set forth to craft India's indigenous messaging platform. His objective was two-fold: to safeguard privacy and tackle significant national issues. With resolute determination, he initiated the app's development, investing three months of relentless effort. The result was Beetle, India's very own chat application, inaugurated on February 19, 2021, by Haryana's Home and Health Minister, Shri Anil Vij Ji. This achievement drew accolades from political leaders and developers, amplifying its visibility through media coverage. Hardik, driven purely by his altruism, garnered an overwhelming response, reaching over 20,000 downloads within a week, an astounding feat considering he was just in 9th grade.


However, a mere three weeks after its launch, Hardik encountered a disheartening setback. His app was abruptly removed from the Google Play Store, the cause unbeknownst. Determined to rectify this, he engaged in a quest to find a solution. His journey led him to Aacharya Balkrishna, CEO of Patanjali Group, who in turn guided him to communicate with a high-ranking Google official. After numerous efforts, Hardik eventually managed to connect with the official over email. Despite sending extensive evidence and awaiting a response, his plea went unanswered.


Resolute in his ambition, Hardik embarked on a mission to "DEVELOP INDIA'S OWN TECHNOLOGICAL ECOSYSTEM." Despite initial rejections from tech experts, his encounter with Shubham Upadhyay, a senior Technological officer, proved serendipitous. Together, they meticulously devised a roadmap and strategy aimed at meeting Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji to gain support for this cause.


To establish a firm groundwork for this mission, Hardik and Shubham rallied a team of five dedicated developers and tech professionals. Operating discreetly, they meticulously crafted an all-encompassing plan that delineated India's trajectory toward technological autonomy. This comprehensive blueprint addressed vital aspects such as funding requisites and strategic implementations. This arduous endeavour spanned 1.5 years, conducted in parallel with other commitments, and without any financial incentives. Their exhaustive dedication culminated in a detailed roadmap, with the ultimate aim of metamorphosing India into a technological superpower.


Hardik's subsequent undertaking encompassed penning the book "Why India needs its AJNA?" This idea materialised during his research, where he stumbled upon an old article discussing the launch of "DIGITAL INDIA." Within it, Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi's resounding question, "If Indians can work at Google, Why can't Google be made in India?" resonated deeply. This quote birthed the concept for his book, "Why India needs its AJNA?", serving as a wellspring of motivation and confidence. His relentless pursuit continued, involving engagements with influential leaders, dialogues with YouTubers and influencers, the orchestration of webinars and seminars, and leveraging media channels to reach the hearts of the nation's citizens. Hardik's steadfast dedication to this lofty aspiration remains unswerving, a testament to his tireless journey towards its realisation.


"Why India Needs Its AJNA?" is more than a book; it embodies Hardik's mission. It serves to inspire and guide youth towards developing India's indigenous tech ecosystem, encompassing search engines, browsers, software, applications, and operating systems, fostering self-reliance. With over 1000 copies donated to students, innovators, and enthusiasts, along with seminars and webinars, Hardik's vision finds expression. This visionary work encapsulates the drive to propel India into a self-sustained Technological Future, making it a must-read for those invested in the nation's Technological Evolution. 

The book and Hardik’s vision and mission are appreciated by:

  • Hon'ble President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu Ji. (8/05/2023)

  • Hon’ble Vice President of India, Sh. Jagdeep Dhankhar Ji. (4/04/2023)

  • Hon’ble Second Lady of India Smt. Sudesh Dhankhar Ji. (4/04/2023)

  • Hon’ble Union Defence Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh Ji. (21/03/2023) 

  • Hon’ble Governor of Haryana, Sh. Bandaru Dattatreya Ji.(18/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana, Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar Ji. (22/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Minister of State (Home Affairs) Sh. Ajay Kumar Mishra Ji. (21/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Education Minister of Haryana - Sh. Kanwar Pal Gujjar Ji. (23/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Women and Child Development Minister of Haryana, Smt. Kamlesh Dhanda Ji. (29/09/2023)

  • Hon’ble Vidhan Sabha Speaker- Sh. Gian Chand Gupta Ji. (23/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Rajya Sabha MP - Sh. Krishan Lal Panwar Ji. (20/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble MLA, Sh. Aseem Goel Ji. (23/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Minister, Haryana, Sh. JP Dalal Ji.

  • Hon’ble Cabinet Minister of Co-operation and Public Health, Haryana, Dr. Banwari Lal
    Ji. (23/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Rajya Sabha MP, Sh. Ram Chander Jangra Ji. (20/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble MLA Bhavya Bishnoi Ji. (23/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble MLA Rajesh Nagar Ji. (15/08/2023)

  • Hon’ble Director of Education (HR), IAS Sh. Anshaj Singh Ji. (20/04/2023) 

  • IAS Nishant Kumar Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram (31/08/2023)

  • Dr. Sushila Kataria, Senior Director, Medanta Hospital, Gurugram. (23/06/2023)

  • Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra. (31/03/2023)

  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manoj Bajaj, Judge of the Punjab and Haryana Highcourt. (29/03/2023)

  • And more…

Hardik kumar Dewan gifting his book to dignitaries including president of India, Smt. Draupadi Murmu.
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