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The research relates to protection against viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements through a face covering shield with an air cooling system, an ionising system, an air purifying system, an SOS system, and mobile application connectivity. This shield is specially designed for medical practitioners, doctors, and other paramedical staff who are devoting themselves to the betterment of our nation. This apparatus can also be used in defence and multiple sectors.





Hardik was deeply moved by the challenges faced by doctors on the frontlines of the COVID-19 battle. Witnessing the plight of these medical heroes, he dedicated six months to develop the CO-TERMINATOR SHIELD. It was during a moment of compassion, sparked by a YouTube video showcasing doctors removing their uncomfortable PPE kits, that Hardik's heart melted.


The video exposed the harsh reality doctors were enduring—skin ailments, rashes, excessive sweating, plastic contamination, and other discomforts caused by conventional protective gear. Hardik saw an opportunity to make a difference, and in response to the struggles he witnessed, he embarked on a mission to design a solution that would address these challenges head-on.


The most common problems associated with using PPE kits was: 


  • Excessive sweating,

  • Fogging of goggles, spectacles, or face shields, 

  • Suffocation, 

  • Breathlessness, 

  • Fatigue, 

  • Headache due to prolonged use, 

  • Pressure marks on the skin at one or more areas on repeated use. 

  • Occasional problems reported were skin allergy/dermatitis caused by the synthetic material of the PPE kit, face shield impinging onto the neck during intubation, and nasal pain, pain at the root of the pinna, and slipperiness of shoe covers.



Despite the challenges posed by lockdown restrictions and logistical hurdles, Hardik's determination remained unshaken. He was driven by the sobering fact that over 1532 doctors had lost their lives during the first two waves of the pandemic. This tragic loss served as a constant reminder of the urgency to develop a more effective and comfortable solution for medical professionals.


The CO-TERMINATOR SHIELD, the product of Hardik's innovation, stands as a tribute to medical heroes (Who lost their lives) and a testament to his unwavering commitment to making a difference. This shield is a revolutionary concept that tackles issues such as excessive sweating, fogged eyewear, suffocation, and fatigue, offering a safer and more comfortable form of protection for those battling on the frontlines.



Hardik’s approach to problem solving is to design and develop a model which has protection against virus, bacteria and other harmful elements through a face covering shield with air cooling system, ionising system, air purifying system, SOS system and mobile application connectivity. 


This shield is specially designed for both non-medical and medical practitioners, doctors and other paramedical staff who are devoting themselves for betterment of our nation. 


Air Cooling Technology:  A compact cooler will be placed at the waist of the wearer that will be connected to the shield through a sealed air supplier pipe passing through ice gel to maintain a comfortable temperature within the shield. The cooler is light and easy to carry and will not be felt heavy to the wearer.


Air Purification: The cooled air circulated is purified by passing it from 60 PPI copper filter which is medically proven by many foreign educational institution.


Ionisers: The ioniser generates negative ions, rendering airborne particles/aerosol droplets negatively charged and electrostatically attracts them to a positively charged collector plate. Trapped viruses are then identified by reverse transcription quantitative real-time PCR. The device enables unique possibilities for rapid and simple removal of virus from air and offers possibilities to simultaneously identify and prevent airborne transmission of viruses.


Shell: The Shell of the shield is designed to offer a futuristic and comfortable feel. Its compact design covers the eyes, nose, and mouth which are the most delicate organs for the transmission of viruses and bacteria, etc.


Android/IOS Mobile Application: Mobile application connectivity is relating the product with technological advancements. It will allow users to use some features like measurement of body temperature, tests, sleep time, medicine reminder and some security features.


SOS: Security system is beneficial for protection of women, children, or an individual in case of emergency.


QR Code: A QR code is placed at the back of the shell. At the time of emergency another person can scan that code to share the current location to all the emergency contacts selected in the mobile application by the user. 




Hardik's aspiration for the CO-TERMINATOR SHIELD is deeply rooted in doctor’s welfare during the pandemic. The shield stands as a tribute to the healthcare warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice. With this innovation, he aims to provide a solution to the challenges faced by doctors, honouring their dedication and courage. Hardik's vision is to offer tangible support to frontline heroes, ensuring their safety and well-being while they tirelessly serve the nation. The CO-TERMINATOR SHIELD represents his unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in their lives, highlighting his compassion and determination to contribute positively to society.

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