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An Initiative by Hardik Dewan Foundation

Hardik Dewan Foundation  organising food camps.

Hardik Dewan Foundation, led by Hardik Kumar Dewan, initiated the FOODONATION CAMPAIGN on 1/04/2023. This campaign began in Rewari, with the first steps involving food donations at significant locations, including the Railway station,  Hanuman Mandir,  Community Centre, etc. The impact of this campaign has been remarkable, with over 2000+ individuals having been provided meals to date.


Through a series of impactful initiatives, the Foundation has organised numerous food donation camps across various locations in Haryana. These camps, held in places like Rewari, have touched the lives of many, ensuring that those in need receive nourishment and support.

(Presence of Hardik)


Recognising the significance of these campaigns, Hardik has announced a new and ambitious step forward. The upcoming FOODONATION APP, announced during a Food Camp in Rewari on April 6, 2023, is poised to revolutionise the way the Foundation's humanitarian endeavours are carried out. This app will serve as a powerful platform, connecting donors and recipients seamlessly, and extending the reach of their mission to even more individuals and communities. 


The Foundation's dedication to the cause of alleviating hunger is further exemplified through this innovative approach, with the launch of the FOODONATION APP being eagerly awaited. On a side note, Hardik’s Foundation is organising regular food campaigns (Physically) in different parts of Haryana. 

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